The RuckPack connection

RuckPack Nutritional Supplements were conceived by Marine Special Operations Forces leader Major Rob Dyer on the battlefields of Afghanistan, and developed by a hand-picked team of active duty marines. The company has a powerful mission: deliver performance fuels bent on the importance of fit bodies and strong minds alike.

To deliver on this promise, “RuckPack will always be sure to use the safest and most well studied and proven ingredients available.” That’s why the team at RuckPack counts on The GHT Companies as the only source they trust to manufacture the RuckPack nutritional supplements.

RuckPacks’ products and philosophy resonated with Shark Tank investors Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjevic, who offered Major Dyer double the amount he was requesting. Since the company’s appearance on the show in 2012, the enthusiasm for RuckPack’s healthy nutritional supplements has been building.

During business planning meetings following the Sharks’ investments, it was suggested that RuckPack consider using an alternate manufacturer, to save a few cents. Special Ops expert Major Dyer famously replied “If I am in a dark alley, I want [The GHT Companies] with me. We are not changing manufacturers.”

Beyond the Tank Crew
“Beyond the Tank” crew during the shoot at The GHT Companies facility.

That attitude has not wavered. “Without GHT’s unrelenting commitment to our small company, we wouldn’t be in business today. They are true partners in our business, and the value they provide us is immeasurable,” asserts RuckPack CEO Jimmy Patrick O’Brien, Jr.

Fast-forward four years to April 2016, when RuckPack is featured on “Beyond the Tank,” the show that follows Shark Tank supported entrepreneurs as they navigate the waters of the marketplace. For the episode, ABC crews spent three days onsite filming The GHT Companies’ facility and production/operations in San Diego, California.

The show aired on Tuesday, April 19, at 10:00 p.m. PST. Watch it online.